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"To-Do List" Before Surgery

Read the patient education and guide to total joint booklet and online resources. We encourage everyone to do their own research as well. An excellent resource is the American Academy of Hip and Knee surgeons ( There is A LOT of information on the internet - if you have any additional questions about surgery or the process this entails, please reach out to us! This is a big surgery and your health and recovery are important to us.

Pre-Surgical Testing & Medical Clearance for Surgery: A pre-surgical medical workup and clearance is required for all joint replacement patients. All patients require labs and EKG prior to joint replacement surgery. If you have an established primary care provider, you should also meet with them to ensure your medical conditions are stable for surgery.  You may need additional clearance depending on your medical history, such as cardiology. For some patients undergoing surgery at Providence Hospital, this will be completed with the Pre-Admission Surgical Clearance (PASC) clinic.

*Required Pre-operative testing for ALL patients includes: 

[  ] Lab testing (CBC, BMP, albumin, fructosamine <292; Hgb A1c <7.5 (if diabetic)) 

[  ] EKG (all males >50yo, females >60)

Pre-Screening Visit: You will be scheduled for an appointment with Megan Hebda, PA. At this visit you will review important labs, necessary medical clearance, and confirm you are optimized for joint replacement surgery. 

Designate a Caregiver/ Coach: This is someone who will help you through the entire process of preparing for, having and recovering from surgery. Additionally, you will need a caregiver to stay with you 24/7 for a minimum of 3-5 days after you return home from surgery, and someone who can check in on you or help for 10-14 days post op. We recommend a family member or close friend. Your caregiver/ coach often: 

-Accompanies you to pre and post operative visits (medical, surgical, physical therapy)     

-Transports you to the hospital on the day of surgery

-Stays with you after surgery as you recover

Complete Pre-Operative Physical Therapy. The purpose of this is to prepare you for post op recovery and rehabilitation and train you on how to use a walker, navigate stairs and other activities of daily living. This can be done at any Everett Clinic PT location, and MUST be completed prior to your pre operative appointment. This is also used to determine if you are safe to discharge home the same day. 

Purchase Necessary Durable Medical Equipment (DME): The follow is a list of required medical equipment you will need to purchase prior to surgery. ​(We recommend acquiring from or local medical supply store)

- Ice packs/cooling device 

- Front wheeled walker (FWW)

- Incentive spirometer (IS)

- Raised toilet seat

*NOTE: if your surgery is at Providence Hospital, FWW and IS will be provided for you. No need to purchase beforehand. 

Schedule Post Op Outpatient Physical Therapy (only for knee replacement), as follows: 

*If is done at our outpatient ASC in Edmonds:

Please arrange for outpatient PT to start 5-7 days after surgery

*If surgery is done at Providence Hospital, In-Home PT will be arranged for you after surgery for the first 2 weeks.             

            Please arrange for outpatient PT to start 2 weeks after surgery

**You MUST have a physical therapy appointment scheduled before your surgery occurs

Dental Work: Cancel any dental appointments 1 month PRIOR to surgery and 3 months AFTER surgery. If you have any loose teeth or dental work that needs to get done, let us know IMMEDIATELY. ALL dental work must be completed 4-6 weeks before surgery, as in rare cases it can lead to infection after surgery! 

Ensure Your Home is “Surgery Safe”:

  • Remove all small rugs or obstacles that may be in your path around your home

  • Create clear walking paths throughout your house

  • If possible, have a bed and bath on your main floor

  • If you have pets, it’s a good idea to have someone assist in their care for the first 1 week after surgery

  • Prepare meals ahead of time if needed for your first few days after coming home. It’ll make your life easier!

Preoperative Exercises: It is recommended that all patients start these short, simple exercises at least 4 weeks before surgery to help activate your muscles and aide your recovery after surgery! For a list of exercises, visit:

Pre-Operative Visit (approximately 2-3 weeks before surgery): At this visit, we will review the surgery, the medical clearance, sign the surgical consent, and review any questions you have before surgery. 

If there are any changes to your health prior to surgery, please contact us immediately. Our desire is for you to have a safe and successful joint replacement!

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