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Outpatient / Same Day Discharge Joint Replacement


Advantages of Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Familiar Environment

*Patients are often more comfortable recovering at home. You will be in a familiar environment with all the conveniences of being at home and having family to help.

*You’ll be able to sleep in your own bed and not be woken up throughout the night by hospital staff for regular checks or from other noises that are part of the hospital environment.

*You will be able to eat your own food.

Control of your own medications

*Unless otherwise specified, you will be able to start back on all your own home medications

Less risk of infection or hospital exposure (ex: COVID)

*Overnight hospitalization is a leading cause of infection after surgery. 

Cost savings

*Depending on your insurance, there is potential cost savings to you. If you have a high insurance deductible or coinsurance payment, you may save a substantial amount of money by skipping the cost of overnight hospital care. If your surgery is performed at the ASC as opposed to the hospital there may be additional cost savings. 

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