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Orthopedic Oncology

Dr. Vaux is trained as an orthopedic oncologist and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of both benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) tumors involving the bone, muscles and joints. This includes tumors that arise primarily in bone or have metastasized to bone, resulting in metastatic bone disease (often from a carcinoma such as breast, lung, prostate or kidney cancer). 

Masses or tumors can develop in the bones, muscles or joints. Many times they may not cause pain or symptoms initially, and are discovered on imaging or during the course of treatment for another unrelated medical condition. Other times, individuals may experience pain in the region of the tumor, a pain that does not get better with time, or may notice a visible lump or swelling at the site of the tumor. This may even lead to a fracture from the tumor, known as a pathologic fracture. 

Dr. Vaux and his team will work to properly diagnosis any tumor or mass and work with you to determine the best treatment options. In his practice, Dr. Vaux focuses on the removal of tumors in such a way that limbs are salvaged and function is maximized. Advancements in medicine today, allow for limb preservation in the majority of cases – meaning the tumor can be removed and the limb can be reconstructed without amputation in a way that the individual has little to no change in function.

In those cases where a tumor is larger, or cancer poses a threat to life or limb, Dr. Vaux will carefully evaluate every option and review them with the patient and their family to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Metastatic Bone Disease /
Pathologic Fracture

Metastatic bone disease occurs when cancer at a primary organ site such as the breast, prostate, lung, or kidney, spreads to a skeletal site. Often the cancer causes pain at the site of metastasis and can even lead to fracture from the weakened, abnormal bone. Treatment often includes surgery to stabilize the bone. This is not meant to be curative of the cancer, but to restore and maintain quality of life. Dr. Vaux and his team will work to order the appropriate tests and discuss the right treatment options for you.

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