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What To Do Days Leading Up To Surgery

You will receive a call from the hospital or surgery center the day before your surgery to confirm your procedure and the time you will need to arrive. If you hare having surgery at the surgery center, you will also be told which medications to take the morning of surgery with a small sip of water. If your surgery is on a Monday, you will receive a call Friday afternoon.


Remove nail polish
Shower with Hibiclens as instructed
Use the nasal swab (mupirocin) and mouth wash as directed
Take Vitamin C and Magnesium as directed
Eat light meals, especially the day before surgery.
Please also start taking senna (stool softener) 1-2 days prior to surgery. The combined effects of anesthesia and your medication may slow down your bowel function. This can cause constipation after surgery.


Do NOT eat or drink anything after the time you were instructed (in most cases, midnight before surgery day)

Do NOT use lotions or powders on your operative extremity
Do NOT shave before surgery

NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK WITHIN 6 HOURS OF SURGERY (small sips of water in the morning with your pills is acceptable)

Good a night’s sleep
Avoid drinking alcohol the night before surgery


Take only the medications you have been told to take; take them with a small sip of water (these will have been reviewed in your pre op appointments, and a cheat sheet is available on page )

*Do NOT take insulin unless otherwise instructed *Do NOT take your oral diabetes medications

Please bring the following with you to the hospital on the day of surgery:

-Photo ID, Insurance card

-Cane, Crutches, or walker. Don’t worry if you do not have these items, they will be provided for you.

-Appropriate dress

      Loose fitting pants with an elastic waistband
      Shoes with a non-skid sole that you can easily put on and off, keeping in mind swelling in your feet may be present

What should I leave at home?


Contact lenses (please wear glasses) Medications

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