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Post Op Medications

Multimodal pain management combines multiple non-narcotic medications and techniques to relieve pain and reduce the need for narcotics. These strategies include using cryotherapy or ice, durable medical equipment (DME) to aid in reduction of swelling and pain, joint blocks (injections), and the non-narcotic medications.

Cryotherapy/Ice: cooling treatments with the use of ice bags and/or cooling devices. This should be applied according to instructions. Frostbite injury should be avoided by preventing direct contact with skin, avoiding supercooling and moving the ice/bladder to different parts of the joint/limb. 


  • Meloxicam (Mobic): anti-inflammatory medication. Should be taken for a total of 6 weeks after surgery regardless of whether you feel you need it. It helps with the post-surgical inflammation in your joint.

    • 1 tablet, once daily. Make sure you take this with food.

  • Tylenol (Acetaminophen): oral painkiller

    • Take 1000mg (two 500mg tablets), three times per day (aka every 8 hours) for up to 6 weeks after surgery. Should be taken whether you feel you need it – it will decrease your need for narcotic pain medication

            *NOTE: DO NOT take Tylenol if your pain medication includes Tylenol (ex: Percocet, norco )

  • Senna Plus (Senna + Docusate): stool softener

    • Take as directed (1 tab, twice daily) while you are taking the narcotics (Tramadol or Oxycodone)

  • Blood thinner: used to minimize the risk of blood clots, to be taken as prescribed for 5 weeks after surgery. If you normally take a blood thinner already, you may resume your usual dosage after you finish the postop regimen. Please let us know if you have a history of blood clot or bleeding disorder.

      *Aspirin 81mg tab, twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening)

      *Xarelto 10mg tab, once daily (for those who cannot tolerate aspirin or have a history of blood clots)


  • Tramadol: non-narcotic, but works in a similar way to an opioid

    • 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours, no more than 12 tablets in a 24 hour period unless instructed to do so by a member of the team

  • Oxycodone: short acting pain pill, to be used as needed for severe pain

    • 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours, no more than 12 tablets in a 24 hour period unless instructed to do so by a member of the team

**Take the Tramadol first, before taking the Oxycodone. Take Oxycodone if additional pain relief is needed and you are not yet due for your next dose of tramadol. We recommend taking Oxycodone approximately 1 hour prior to physical therapy sessions


  • Zofran (Ondansetron): as needed for nausea and vomiting. You can take it up to 3 times per day

  • IF NEEDED: Scopolamine patch, can be left in place for nausea up to 72 hours. Call if the Zofran is not helping with your nausea/vomiting, and we can prescribe this as well.

**Medications can only be refilled Monday-Thursday from 8am-4:30pm, and Friday 8am – 12pm. We do not refill pain medications after 12pm on Friday or over the weekend. Please plan your refills (especially before a long weekend) accordingly.

**Call the office for refills and provide them with your date of birth, which medication(s) you need refilled, and your preferred pharmacy.

**Prescription refills are never considered an emergency.

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