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A Note to Patients:

I am excited to have recently joined the Joint Preservation and Reconstruction clinic at St Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise, ID. I look forward to the opportunity to serve patients the in Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. 

Excellence in Orthopedic Care

Jonathan J Vaux, DO

Specializing in Adult Reconstruction, Complex & Revision Joint Replacement, Pathologic Fractures & Metastatic Bone Disease

As an orthopedic surgeon, I have the privilege of helping restore function, mobility and preserve my patients quality of life. I believe in providing the same care and treatment that I would want my own family member to receive. I believe in first establishing a relationship and trust with my patients through listening to their needs and goals. Then we can work together to accomplish that goal, and get you back to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy. 


Getting you back to the quality of life you enjoy with innovative orthopedic care


Dr. Vaux utilizes minimally invasive techniques, multi-modal pain strategies and a rapid recovery protocol to get you moving quickly after surgery.

In addition to minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Vaux utilizes a variety of approaches for hip replacement, including the direct anterior approach, and believes in choosing the right approach for each patient.

Dr. Vaux specializes in complex primary and revision joint replacements, including those due to: 
* Post traumatic arthritis
* Avascular necrosis
* Fractures around an implant
* Loosening of the prosthetic device
* Infection
* Pain from the implant
* Dislocation
* Instability
* Wound Complications

ortho onc.jpg

Dr. Vaux is trained as an orthopedic oncologist, specializing in the treatment of metastatic bone disease and pathologic fractures. He treats both benign and cancerous tumors, including:

* Metastatic bone disease

* Pathologic fractures

* Complex reconstruction and limb salvage surgery

You may know someone who had hip or knee replacement surgery and went home the same day, also known as an outpatient joint replacement. Historically, hip and knee replacement surgery has necessitated a hospital stay lasting several nights. With advances in procedural techniques, anesthesia medications, pain management and rehabilitation, many patients can now have a joint replacement surgery without spending a night in the hospital. At present, approximately 80% of our patients go home from surgery the same day. 


Our surgeons, therapists, and medical team will evaluate you, your medical co-morbidities, mobility, and social factors as to whether you would be a good candidate for same day discharge.  


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