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Decolonization & Pre Operative Medications

Prior to your surgery we will prescribe you various medications. These include an ointment that is placed up the nose, a skin preparatory soap for your skin, and a couple of vitamins. These steps are critical to decrease the risk of an infection in your joint replacement. We conduct surgery in a sterile Operating Room using only instruments that have undergone medical-grade sterilization and give you antibiotics during before and after surgery. Research has found that when infections occur, even then it still usually comes from the patient’s own natural skin bacteria. Decreasing the amount of bacteria on/in your body around the time of surgery is critical to minimizing the risk of an infection post operatively.

Magnesium Oxide 400mg & Vitamin C 500mg

-Take one tablet twice daily for 7 days prior to surgery

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

-Rinse and spit as directed (approx. 15mL) three times daily for 4 days prior to surgery. Swish the solution in your mouth for 30 seconds, and then spit it out.

Mupirocin Nasal Ointment 2%
-Use as directed in nasal passages twice daily for 5 days prior to surgery.

Hibiclens Wash (Chlorhexidine gluconate)
-Use instead of soap and bathe daily for 5 days prior to surgery, and once on the morning of surgery. The evening before surgery, bathe with Hibiclens, dress in cleanly washed clothes or pajamas. Use clean sheets and pillow cases on your bed. If allergic to Chlorhexidine, you may use any antibacterial soap.

Bathing instructions:

· Bathe with this soap and a fresh, clean wash cloth from your neck to your toes.
· Do not apply this soap to your hair, face or mucus membranes, including vaginal and rectal areas. Do not use internally.

· First, wash your hair and face with your regular soap and shampoo.
· Then, using the Hibiclens, wash all of your skin from neck to toes. Pay special attention to the area where you are having surgery and rinse well.
· Dry skin with a fresh, clean, dry towel.
· Change your sheets after the first wash and again the night before surgery.
· Wear clean pajamas to bed after each wash and freshly laundered clothes to the surgery center on the day of your surgery.

· Do not shave any part of your body before surgery. Do not shave at or within 12 inches of your surgical site for 72hrs hours before your surgery.
· Do not apply hairspray, hair products, lotions, powders, makeup, cologne, perfume, nail polish or deodorant after your shower.

· Dry your hair before coming to the surgery center on the morning of your surgery.

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